Simply Beautiful.
"Just because you’re unhappy doesn’t mean you can’t laugh at funny things and marvel at beautiful things and enjoy happy moments. You can still do happy things even if you are unhappy."
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My pug has become a beautiful puggerfly


Up in the air #clouds #sunset

kissing under a lonely tree - by: Nina Maiores

DAT ME;??!!

Late evening in Nærøyfjord - by: Tomasz Furmanek

These are my two rescued Pit Bulls, Lyla (dark brown) and Liberty (light brown) both were saved from unfortunate situations.
I rescued Lyla when she was 6 weeks old from a woman that was feeding her cat food and about to take her to the pound. She was skinny, but with proper nutrition, she bounced back quickly!
Liberty was a stray that was brought in to Dallas Animal Services with scars all over her, the neck being the worst. She was pregnant with 11 puppies when she was brought into the shelter, and after a few days was put on the euthanization list. The shelter didn’t want to give her a chance, but Paws In The City did. They pulled her hours before she was to be euthanized, and put her in a foster home where she delivered the puppies safely. All of the puppies were adopted out, but miss Liberty didn’t find a home for almost a year. There was even a family who finalized the adoption and brought her back. After following Liberty’s story for a year I decided to adopt her because I had just become available to take in another dog. And I’m so happy I did.
This picture is from Liberty’s birthday / rescue party. Neither of these babies will have to suffer again.

{ Moscow streets } x Kate L.A.

Audi in the parking lot | VE